27 Dec 2016

The 54th WBC annual convention held at the Diplomat Resort & Spa in Miami, Florida attracted around 1,200 people.
And the World Boxing Council confirmed its commitment to a strict anti-doping policy and the Clean Boxing Campaign that is mandatory for all WBC world ranked boxers.
President of VADA Dr. Margaret Goodman has been working with the WBC to create the Clean Boxing Program.
WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman told delegates, boxers, trainers and promoters at the WBC convention in Miami that there’s no turning back.
“We are committed to the Clean Boxing Program. We’re committed to teach fighters that they need to understand that they cannot simply take a supplement, a medicine, a substance that has been called by the trainer, manager, friend, or the store attendant. They need to understand that it’s their responsibility for anything that goes into their body.
“We have had cases of testings that we have done and every single time that my phone rings and I see the name Margaret Goodman, I start shaking. But this is part of the program. We are not going back. We are committed to be Clean Boxing Program and I'm very, very proud.”
Dr Goodman was awarded the WBC Woman of the Year.
Receiving the award Dr Goodman said: “Bottom line, I am a former ring physician. I worked with the Nevada commission for many years and started the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association in 2011. Basically, what we’re trying to do is promote clean sport, and mostly we’re trying to educate the athletes, because I think we find, when we get positive tests, the biggest reason for those positive tests is lack of education. At least I’d like to think that, more than trying to cheat.”
To improve safe boxing around the world WBC made available an information sheet titled “A Recap of the Scientific Advancement and Needs” that stated that traumatic brain injury is an injury to the brain caused by biomechanical (trauma) forces. It is not a stroke or due to a restriction of blood supply. It results in regional and temporal cellular dysfunction, including cell death. In areas that survive, it produces a state of energy crisis and subsequent sudden chemical change of function in a portion of the brain connected to a distant, but damaged brain area. Surviving brain cells alter their use of fuels. It needs to be thought of as a disease.
General topics: MRI examinations are to be done yearly; portable MRIs acceptable (must include cervical spine).
Uniformity: Medicals, Standards, Protocols (computerized). Inspectors will have insured the minimum safety requirements (ambulance, ringside physician) have been met and knowledge of the emergency evacuation plans prior to the contest. Medicals shall be available to medical personnel.
Base Line Testing (Amateurs/Licensing)-MRI and neurophysiological testing (C3 Logix test).
Head Gear for amateurs: Head gear a must. The brain does not fully mature until age 25.
2 minute/10 Rounds for Women: Maintain current requirement; ongoing neurologic safety research.
Travel Time/Days at Venue prior to Fight: Weigh-in 48-72 hours prior to contest with maximum weight gain up to the next weight division only.
A video report was shown about the Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund. This fund is used to help boxers – present and past – that are facing hard times.


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