Sunday, June 23, 2024: Last night’s Boxing Gala in Senayan, Indonesia, was an electrifying spectacle that left the sellout crowd in awe. The anticipation was palpable as fans packed the arena, eagerly awaiting the main event: Indonesia’s own James Mokoginta versus Thailand’s formidable Pornchai Srithong, for the coveted WBC Asia Silver welterweight title.

From the opening bell, the atmosphere was charged with energy. Mokoginta, known for his agile footwork and precise punches, faced off against Srithong, a fighter renowned for his power and resilience. The first few rounds saw a strategic battle, with both boxers testing each other’s defenses and seeking openings.

By the fourth round, Mokoginta began to find his rhythm. His jabs were landing with increasing frequency, and the crowd could sense a shift in momentum. Srithong, undeterred, countered with heavy hooks, each one aimed at turning the tide back in his favor. The tension in the arena was electric as the fighters exchanged blows, each hit reverberating through the crowd.

As the bout progressed into the later rounds, it became clear that Mokoginta’s strategy was paying off. His relentless attacks were starting to wear down Srithong, who was visibly slowing. The Indonesian boxer seized the moment, pressing his advantage with a flurry of punches that had the crowd on their feet.

In the eighth round, the climax arrived. Mokoginta, with a look of determination, unleashed a devastating combination that found its mark. A powerful right hook followed by a left uppercut sent Srithong crashing to the canvas. The crowd erupted in jubilation as the referee began the count. Srithong, dazed and unable to rise, was counted out, sealing Mokoginta’s victory by knockout.

The arena exploded in celebration as James Mokoginta was declared the winner, earning the WBC Asia Silver welterweight title. It was a night to remember, a testament to Mokoginta’s skill and determination. The event, masterfully promoted by Byon Combat/Nainggolan Promotions, showcased the best of boxing and left fans eagerly awaiting the next great fight in Senayan.