Cancun, Quintana Roo, a magnificent destination, and one of the most important boxing cities, versed in a rich diverse history, so often linked with the WBC, is proud to host this year`s World Boxing Council Convention.

The Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun, makes history once again, as the epicenter of our 59th Convention. It`s tried, tested and trusted, during these complicated times of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic situation, the Women’s boxing convention, which was planned, could not be held. So, this opportunity will be used to give them a very special place during our annual spectacular gathering.

2021 convention was ready for Thailand, but due to travel restrictions, it is impossible to proceed, However in the near future, the WBC Family will be in this majestic country.

In the coming weeks we will release more information, including dates, reservation procedures, visa information, registration, restrictions, virtual modality, among other things.
The boxing will finally reunite!