At the 1985 WBC Annual Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, the late Sahasombhop Srisomvongse, along with the late WBC president, Jose Sulaiman, and representatives from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Qatar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Jordan, Malaysia, and Kuwait attended the historic meeting to launch the Asian Boxing Council (ABCO) as a boxing federation affiliated with World Boxing Council.

Moreover, since that historic gathering, the Asian Boxing Council has promoted and created many world champions throughout the region, and it also played a major role in promoting the sport of boxing throughout the greater Asian region, and Australasia.

After the passing of Mr. Sahasombhop, in 2000, the presidency of the WBC Asian Boxing Council was bestowed on Pol. Gen. Kovid Bhakdibhumi, the current Asian Boxing Council president, has worked tirelessly to promote WBC ABCO activities all over Asia. Thanks to the blessings given by the WBC and the outstanding inspiration provided by Dr. Jose Sulaiman, and the current WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman, the team at the WBC Asian Boxing Council continue to promote the sport of boxing to the far reaches of West Asia and to the East of the continent.

The main goals and continued purposes for the Asian Boxing Council team are to promote regional boxing championships throughout Asia, to sanction top-rated championship bouts for professional boxers, and to ensure safe boxing protocols are in place during all WBC Asian Boxing Council sanctioned competitions in the greater Asian region.