Article 1:

The professional boxing sanctioning body hereby incorporated is named WBC Asian Boxing Council (ABCO).

Article 2:

The WBC Asian Boxing Council (ABCO) is a non-profit organization with duly authorized and legally established entities that sanction professional boxing championships within specific jurisdictions.

Article 3:

The WBC Asian Boxing Council is solely affiliated with the World Boxing Council (WBC); all WBC’s championship rules and regulations will be applied to all WBC Asian Boxing Council championship fights (with exemptions given at the request of local commissions and when in agreements with all concerned parties).

Article 4:

WBC Asian Boxing Council’s head office shall be wherever the president locates or installs the main offices.

Article 5:

WBC Asian Boxing Council shall exercise its authority to carry out its activities anywhere in the world in accordance with the provisions of its Constitution, Bylaws, Regulations, and Rules.

Article 6:

WBC Asian Boxing Council shall obtain uniformity and harmony in the control and supervision of professional boxing throughout its member associations and locations.

Article 7:

WBC Asian Boxing Council shall carry out the following:

a)WBC Asian Boxing Council shall recognize champions in each weight division established in its regulations.

b) WBC Asian Boxing Council adopts a belt of the ABCO champion and shall be awarded to the Champion duly recognized by the ABCO, with the assigned promoter/promotion solely responsible for the full payment of all ABCO championship belts.

c) ABCO may create certificates or other types of recognition to be awarded to the boxers and other persons who have reached a high distinction in their respective activities in professional boxing.

d) ABCO shall publish – monthly – an official list of ratings containing the names of boxers selected in each weight division in the form of the most outstanding boxers up to a maximum of ten boxers.

Article 8:

The executive committee is the highest authority of WBC Asian Boxing Council and shall be made up of duly accepted members. The executive committee shall answer to the president of the WBC Asian Boxing Council.

Article 9:

A majority of votes of the executive committee shall elect the president of the WBC Asian Boxing Council. The president shall appoint vice presidents.

Article 10:

WBC Asian Boxing Council shall have all the obligations, rights, and duties customary to its position, including the following:

a) He/she shall be the highest official representative of the ABCO concerning final decisions of the Executive Committee on other matters related to the ABCO.

b) He/she shall be the superior authority of the ABCO and holds the right to appoint the Secretary-General of ABCO and other positions in ABCO related to its operation.

c) He/she shall be in charge of all matters related to ABCO’s finances. He/she shall present to the Executive Committee report, which contains the information concerning the budget activities of the immediately previous year(s).

Article 11:

The vice-president’s duties and responsibilities shall be designated by the president, including acting as a substitute for the president.

Article 12:

The Secretary-General shall be in charge of administering all day-to-day activities of the ABCO and shall:

a) Be in charge of implementing rules and regulations and preparing monthly ABCO rating reports.

b) Control the meeting of ABCO executive committees.

c) Maintain control of all records and official matters relating thereto.

d) Appoint championship fight supervisors

Article 13:

The annual convention of ABCO shall be held during the fourth quarter of the calendar year.

The president shall determine the date and site of the annual convention.

A special convention may be held/called by the president when he/she considers it necessary.

Article 14:

At the Annual Convention meetings, the following work order shall be submitted.

a) Report from the president

b) Reading of the minutes of the previous convention for approval or modification.

c) Report by the vice presidents and the Secretary-General.

d) Pending matters.

e) Any applicable elections

f) Resolutions and various matters.

Article 15:

At the convention or general meeting, a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of its members who are present is necessary to decide on any amendment to the Constitution, Bylaws, Regulations, and Rules. The amendments approved by the Convention shall have immediate effect except if the respective provision states otherwise. A majority vote shall be necessary to amend.

Article 16:

The General Meeting/Convention shall have the following faculties:

a) to elect, by a majority vote of members present, the authorities which govern the ABCO.

b) to approve or modify the minutes and budget of the ABCO.

c) to be informed of approval, support, or censure of the administration of any of its bodies, members, and authorities.

Article 17:

The president shall have the following authorities:

a) to represent ABCO in accordance with the authority established in the Bylaws.

b) To represent ABCO internationally in all acts necessary to carry out his duties.

c) To direct the annual meetings.

d) To appoint officials (Judges and referees) for each ABCO championship fight or designate this responsibility to the head of ABCO ring officials.

Article 18:

The president of ABCO is responsible for his actions in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of the ABCO.

Article 19:

The temporary or permanent absence of the President shall be filled by one of the Vice-Presidents or the executive secretary.

Article 20:

The Secretary-General shall exercise all the inherent in his/her office and attend to all correspondence received which requires a reply.

He/she shall call all general and special meetings to be held by the ABCO.

He/she shall keep records of all boxing matches held in the jurisdiction of the respective member commissions and shall carry out all other duties entrusted to him by the president of the ABCO.

He/she shall be responsible for keeping adequate accounting records for ABCO.

Article 21:

Regular members shall be entitled to attend, be recognized, and exercise what is expressly stated in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Article 22:

All decisions at the general or special meetings shall be made by a majority vote of the attending Regular Members who are qualified to vote.